Best Snow Blower Reviews 2023

No reason to hurt your back and make snowy mornings a chore. Let it be easy and have some fun! On this page, we review the best snow blowers this year, including products from Craftsman, Toro, Husqvarna, and other manufacturers.

Let’s get right into an overview of our top-rated snow blowers

Our Top List

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1. Briggs & Stratton 1697293 Snow Blower

Briggs & Stratton 1697293 Snow Blower, Red/Black

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It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone to see Briggs and Stratton on our list. No list of the best snow blowers would be complete without at least one of their machines.

This B&S model is a tank with a 250cc engine and 22-inch clearing width. We got through a nasty blizzard in the northwest because of this machine. The 12.5 inches of intake height is not an exaggeration, as we had multiple occasions to push this thrower to its limits during a blizzard. Plus, its black color not only looks good but also makes it stand out during heavy snowfall or in fog.

While there is a slightly more affordable version of the B&S, featuring only a 208cc engine, we recommend the stronger one given what it is meant to do. No point in having a snow-clearing powerhouse with a lesser engine.

All in all, we have tested this snow blower in several areas over several winters and it has never failed us.


  • 22” wide clearing path, 11.5” snow intake height
  • Single stage electric start and generous fuel tank
  • Easy handling
  • A lifesaver during heavy snowfall and blizzards


  • Assembly takes about 1 hour
  • 3-year warranty, limited to equipment and engine, which is shorter than the warranty of the Husqvarna in our list.

2. Husqvarna ST324 – The “Handles-All” Snow Blower

Husqvarna ST324, Husqvarna ST324, 24 in. 254cc Two-Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower with Power Steering

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The first snowblower on our list has been used in our family since it came out. It is the big bear, the “I’ll handle this” machine, and clears a path wherever you want (unless you live in Antarctica). For this reason, it is a popular snowblower and among the best, you can get.

Assembly is easy and straightforward, but make sure you read the instructions and know everything you need to. When a friend of ours recently got one of these for himself, we helped him assemble it and discovered that it had shipped with barely any oil in it. So make sure you check the 16 oz oil reservoir and fill it if need be.

Speaking of details to check, the ST324 has a special version of the CT Stormforce 208cc engine that was privately branded by Husqvarna. With the dual-stage electric start function, the motor’s start is easy and just makes you want to get out there and clear some paths. Just give it a little while to run smoothly, because these machines need some time to warm up. For our machine, we use a heavy gauge extension cord, and to be safe, it is best to buy an appropriate cord together with whichever snow blower you end up getting.

Officially it can clear up to 23 inches of snow, but we tested it to up to 25 inches last Thanksgiving and it worked its magic even then. As for width, you can expect to clear a 24-inch (2) path, blowing the snow in any direction you want with a 180-degree chute rotation. One thing we’ve always found helpful is the dimensions, because, despite its beastly power and ability, the ST324 will fit through normal doors without a hitch.

Our only issue with the ST324 is the price point, which is entirely justified for its power, but still a little on the higher end. It is the ideal snow blower if you have the money to spend.


  • Easy to assemble, start, and use
  • Dependable engine with 10 year warranty
  • Limited 3 year warranty (not engine)
  • 15 x 5 inch tires
  • 24-inch clearing width
  • Your neighbors will be jealous


  • Higher-end price point

3. Yardmax YB6270 – Best for a Medium Budget

YARDMAX YB6270 Two-Stage Snow Blower, LCT Engine, 7.0HP, 208cc, 24"

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The next snow blower review on our list is a little miracle worker at a smaller price point than our recommended machines above. The Yardmax boasts with an LCT 208cc engine and has a dual-stage start.  When we bought the YB6270, we asked our least mechanically minded family member to assemble it. Begrudgingly, they did and needed only about 40 minutes to complete the task, proving that it is easy and can be done by anyone.

Generally, we don’t trust low-priced snow clearing machines, so we wanted to push it and see how it fared. So we waited for a heavy snowfall to get a better idea of what it is capable of. During our most recent snowstorm, we had about 16 inches of wet snow to clear. In about 25 minutes, the YB6270 cut a path that would have taken 2-3 hours of manual shovel work to do by hand, throwing the snow about 25. As we observed the snow chute, we noticed that in order to turn the chute, the plastic flange at its end needs to be aligned very well with the crank handle. It is a bit of a pain since the blow directions need to be changed depending on how you turn.

The lower price does come at drawbacks in overall material quality and a much shorter warranty of only 2 years. Also, it does not come with oil, so make sure you buy that with the machine. Apart from the chute turning issue, which is not too bad, we ran into another issue that would’ve been problematic for less technical people: When we first used the machine, the engine ran roughly and did not start well. After some tinkering, it turned out the paper of the air cleaner was soaked with oil from the factory and caused a poor air intake. After taking out the filter and cleaning it, the machine ran fine.

While this snow blower cuts paths at a width of 24 inches, a different model at 22 inches width is also available. However, the 22 inch version only comes with a Lichen engine, not the LCT brand that is widely known and used for its quality. If you are looking for a model in the medium price zone, this is the product and version we recommend. But if the price tag is not much of an issue to you, look at the two machines above this one, as they are the best snow blowers in our list.


  • Solid snow cleaning at a medium price
  • Quality LCT engine with 208cc and dual stage electric start
  • Easy assembly


  • Chute turning issues with our machine
  • Only 2-year warranty
  • Air cleaner issues

4. Poulan Pro PR241 – Best for a Medium-High Budget

Poulan Pro PR241

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Poulan Pro snow blowers and other yard working products are well known for quality. This black and gold beauty tends to attract the eyes of people walking by. Positioned in the medium-high price range, the PR241 is a 24-inch snow clearing beast and features a 208cc Poulan Pro engine that mastered its test snow storm (15 inches of wet snow) with ease.

Someone in our family has one of these and another friend in Aspen got one recently. We were able to use and test both in real life conditions. One thing we noticed was that their performance is about equal, which gives us confidence in the manufacturing process. At low temperatures of around 10 F (-12°C), however, there can be problems starting the engine.

Interestingly, we had the opportunity to put the PR241 through a serious stress test, as we got 29 inches of snowfall in one day. Normally, you’d not be excited to see so much snow but we were just starting with a few new reviews at that time, so we jumped at the change and dug out the PR241 to see how it would do. We expected it to fail but it succeeded! Not once did it complain or get stuck, putting its performance into the realm of legend that day. After all, its intake height is only 23 inches.

When our friend in Aspen got his machine, we asked him to stop his time assembling it. The result was 38 minutes, which is fair and on par with many other snow blowers on the market today. Some reports online suggest the material to be cheap, but we have no such experience with this model. At a medium-high price point, you would expect nothing less.

The only real downside we see is the lack of headlights.


  • Easy assembly, around 40 minutes
  • Great 29” snow intake test result
  • High quality at a medium-high price


  • May not start at low temperatures around 10 F
  • No headlights

5. Snow Joe ION8024-XRP – Best Electric Model

Snow Joe iON8024-XR 80-Volt iONMAX Cordless Two Stage Snow Blower Kit | 24-Inch | 4-Speed | Headlights | W/ 2 x 5.0-Ah Batteries and Charger

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Blue and black makes a very good looking color combination, and like all black snow blowers, it is easy to spot in a situation of heavy snowfall or fog. Of course, the LED headlights do help, but every decent blower has that today. The Snow Joe is truly unique in our list and needs to have its place. Why? It is not gas powered but electrical and runs on a 2 x 6 Amp battery packs.

Imagine being stuck in a blizzard and you have run out of gas for your snow blower. Ooops! Luckily, you have a fully loaded battery (or just charge it). Moreover, the absence of a gasoline motor makes this machine quiet and enables an almost relaxing experience as you clear your driveway, or perhaps half a city block. Your neighbors will also be glad about the quietness and may even take a curious peek since cordless battery powered snow blowers are not yet common.

Since we have owned this machine from the moment of its release, we have a good understanding of its performance. Yes, the price is inflated due to the batteries and puts it at the high price elite products, but that is where it belongs anyway. It is easily on par with the snow blowers at the top of our list, and note that electricity is 3-4 times cheaper than gas. Over time, the running cost reduces the overall cost as well, and if you use green energy sources, you even get to feel good about yourself.

We find the ION plows through snow almost like a knife through butter and is equally whisper quiet. The chute swivels at the usual 180 degrees and throws snow a distance of 32 . There is only one drawback, which all battery powered machines have in common: The power only lasts for 40 minutes, which is enough to clear a path where manual shoveling would take you 3 hours. It is not enough, however, to clear the neighborhood, or if you have a very large driveway. This is why we advise you to go with the 6 Amp version instead of the 5 Amp version, which provides only 30 minutes of power.


  • Whisper quiet and no fumes
  • No motor, no oil, fewer parts to damage
  • Cheaper to run due to low electricity costs
  • Better for the environment
  • Not dependent on gas


  • Higher price point due to batteries
  • Only 40 minutes of power (which is normal)

Choosing The Perfect Snow Blower

Why Purchase a Snow Blower?

There’s a good chance you’ve seen snow blowers around before, even if you live in an urban area. That’s because the larger models are well-equipped for tougher jobs like clearing sidewalks and parking lots. But did you know that there are many models out there that are better suited for use around the home?

Even if your driveway and parking area are on the smaller side, a snow blower is a great investment. You’ll save time and energy in the mornings before work, instead of getting soaked and exhausted from manually hauling all that snow around. You can even clear a path from the house to the garage to help keep your shoes and boots dry.

If you’ve never used a snow blower before and are apprehensive about handling such a large piece of equipment, don’t worry. It’s no more difficult to handle than a lawnmower, and requires about the same degree of upkeep. Moreover, unlike with a lawnmower, you won’t have to be as vigilant about clearing rocks and branches from your path (although it’s still a good idea to remove any obvious obstructions before you begin).

Narrowing Down Your Options

Let’s say you’ve decided that a snow blower would be a worthy addition to your household. With so many options on the market, though, how do you go about choosing the best one? Fortunately, this question is less complicated than it seems.

The first thing you have to take into account is the size of the area that you’ll be covering. If you have a large driveway and parking area, or if you want to clear walkways and portions of your lawn as well, it’s important to invest in a snow blower that’s capable of handling the bigger jobs.

Reliability is another factor. Since you’re considering the purchase of a snow blower, it’s reasonable to assume that you see a significant amount of snow each year. You’ll want to make sure that your unit can stand up to hours of use during the winter seasons.

In addition, you’ll want to consider the type of snowfall that your area is known for. Do you find yourself regularly clearing up deep drifts from the several inches that have fallen during the night, or does the buildup take place more gradually? Certain units are better suited for the former than the latter, so look for a model that will suit the specific needs of your region and your home.

Lastly, think about any special add-ons that might make your job that much easier, such as power steering and light features. These aren’t strictly necessary, but they could come in handy depending on your personal situation.

Snow blowers and their little brothers, the electric snow shovels, are an investment and you need to pick a good one. They are phenomenal tools for clearing driveways, sidewalks, and even footpaths on a farm. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.