Poulan Pro PR241 Review 2023

Do you live in an area where nature blesses you with bountiful snowfalls every winter? There’s nothing quite like the sparkling beauty of fresh snow unless you’re the one that gets to clean it all up.

The Poulan Pro PR241 might just become your best partner in digging a path through snow. Especially in times when it just won’t stop snowing, and it seems like you’re out there all day just trying to keep up with it. What you need is a snow blower that you can count on to quickly and efficiently get the job done every time. Poulan has a history of quality that yardwork enthusiasts know very well.

Winter can come! The PR241 is a powerful 2-stage gas powered snow blower that we find easy to maneuver and delivers great results. Areas with tough winters and several feet of snowfall every other day may require a stronger model.

Rating Overview

Features - 85%
Design - 95%
Maneuverability - 87%
Warranty & Support - 88%
Customer Ratings - 80%



Winter can come! The PR241 is a powerful 2-stage gas powered snow blower that we find easy to maneuver and delivers great results. Areas with tough winters and several feet of snowfall every other day may require a stronger model.

If you are looking for a snow blower that can handle a couple of feet of ice, snow, and drifts, the PR241 might just be the machine for you. It’s manufactured with the impeccable standards that Poulan is known for and has great features. Here’s our breakdown of what this snow thrower has to offer.


poulan pr241 snow throwerWe already know that we can count of Poulan for well-built products, and the PR241 doesn’t disappoint. It’s easy to see the overall planning, the focus on quality materials, and the skilled workmanship that goes into this snow blower.

From the serrated steel that’s been implemented for the ribbon auger construction to the auger housing that’s bolted in place instead of being welded, it’s obvious that quality and attention to detail still go into all of their products. Poulan continues to pave the way with their innovative use of the latest technologies.


Snow throwers will either have a one or two-stage engine. Single-stage engines are still able to move smaller and lighter amounts of snow. But it takes the power of a 2-stage engine to tackle bigger jobs.

The PR241 is packing a 2-stage, 208cc, gas-powered engine with 9.5 feet-pound of torque generating enough power for both the snow-throwing action and the power-assisted wheels, giving you the strength that you need to blast through the snow and ice, even on steep hills.

The friction disc-drive transmission is equipped with six forward speeds and one reverse setting. Having adjustable speeds is a huge advantage when dealing with different depths and types of snow. Lower speeds are more effective for throwing heavier, deeper snow. And higher speeds will take care of lighter snowfalls quicker.

Snow Clearing

The wider the clearance path is, the faster you’ll be able to clean away all of the snow and ice. The intake clearance chute measures 24 inches, cutting an impressive path through the snow. It also measures 23 inches high so it will have no problem tearing through several inches at a time.

The PR241 uses a 2-stage blowing system where the 12-inch auger blades tear through the snow, pushing it to the 12-inch impeller blades where it is mixed with air before being blown out of the chute. The air-snow mixture enables the machine to pick up the snow faster and there are fewer clogs to deal with.

Electric Start

There’s an electric-start feature so you won’t be charging your battery on those sub-zero mornings. Just plug the starter into your electrical outlet and the snow thrower fires up at the touch of a button. You also still have the option of the pull-start for milder weather.

Adjustable Skid Shoes

pr241 augerHaving adjustable skid shoes comes in really handy if you are working on an uneven surface or tearing through a thick layer of ice. The shoes control how far the bottom of the snow blower is from the ground. And you aren’t able to adjust the shoes on all snow blowers.

Not only does being able to adjust the shoes make the machine more efficient, but it also keeps the bottom of the snow blower from causing any damage or scratches to the surface that’s being cleared. Poulan has even equipped the PR241 with plastic shoes instead of steel, even further minimizing the chance of any damages.

Power Steering

As far as ease-of-maneuverability goes with snow blowers, having power steering ranks pretty highly. Without power steering, you’ll find yourself struggling to get a snow blower around corners and into difficult spaces.

With power steering, you’re able to easily steer the snow blower with the simple twist of a lever. The power steering controls the speed of the wheels, slowing one down to turn the machine. And the power steering control wand is located on the comfort grip, wrap-around, loop handles, giving you one-handed steering control.

Discharge Chute

The discharge chute will rotate a full 180 degrees so you can control where you want to blow the snow. The distance can also be adjusted, so you don’t have to worry about burying anything with all of the snow that’s being cleared. And once you’ve engaged the discharge chute, it locks securely in place.

Control Panel

The design of the control panel is focused on ease-of-use and functionality. Located conveniently between the handles, you can easily access and adjust the settings for each of the features of the PR241.

You’re able to engage the electric-start, change the speed with the gearshift, adjust the shoes, monitor the fuel level, and direct both the rotation and distance of the chute deflector, all within hands-reach while simply walking behind the snow blower as it does the work for you.


It’s not one of the biggest snow throwers that you’ll come across. But it does take some size to be able to conquer those larger snowfalls. The PR241 weighs about 240 pounds, and it measures 35 inches deep by 28.5 inches wide by 52.25 inches tall, making it sizable enough to get the job done and still small enough to easily tuck away when the season is over with.


pr241 controlsThe 13-inch tires are designed for snow and ice, with deeper treads that are able to both grip the snow and not slide on the ice, providing the traction that you need to safely dig your way out.


Poulan stands behind their products, and the PR241 comes complete with a great warranty. It’s covered by a 2-year, limited manufacturer’s warranty for parts, and a 4-year warranty for the performance of the engine. The length of a warranty alone is a testament to a manufacturer’s confidence in the performance of their products.


The PR241 is a medium to medium-high priced model. Sometimes you really do get what you pay for. While this snow thrower might cost more than the lower-priced models, you won’t find a comparable snow blower that can do what this machine can for the same price.


  • Power assisted wheels aren’t on all snow throwers. It’s both a time-saver and a back-saver if you’re blowing through steep inclines.
  • Having a reverse speed comes in really handy when you’re maneuvering backwards or through tight spots.
  • The PR241 is also shipped with a funnel and pipe for filling and draining the oil, a spark plug wrench, and two extra shearing bolts for the auger.
  • All of the knobs, buttons, and levers are glove-friendly, even the gas and oil caps, so you won’t be fumbling around trying to adjust them.
  • The handle adjust to four different positions, making it ideal for people with different heights.
  • It’s also designed and weighted to reduce the possibility of tipping over.


  • A headlight would be a good feature. But it’s really not that difficult to light your way when it’s dark outside.
  • It’s designed with the reverse speed running slowly, which can be a little frustrating. But it keeps you safer when walking backwards.
  • While the bolted auger is ideal for performance, too much continuous use can put stress on the belt, causing it to break. Luckily, belts are a snap to switch out. It’s a good idea to have an extra belt on hand, just in case.
  • There is some assembly required before you can use it.

Final Thoughts

Using the Poulan Pro PR241If you live in an area where each winter brings a ton of snowfalls that measure a few feet in depth, the Poulan PR241 may not be strong enough for your needs. You’d require a bigger model, like the Poulan PR300, with more power for that type of environment. But if your winters are low to medium in strength and bring a few inches here and there with an occasional, big storm that dumps a foot or two, this may be the snow thrower that you’ve been looking for.

You get the power of a 2-stage, 208cc engine with plenty of torque to get the job done. And, with six forward speeds and a reverse, you’ll be able to get it done even quicker. It almost even operates by itself with its push-button electric-start, power-assisted wheels, and power steering.

The clearance path has plenty of width to clear a decent-sized path. And 24 inches is just about the width of an average sidewalk, so you can get it clean with only one pass. It’s also nice having the functionality of the air-snow mixture technology to keep the snow thrower moving at a steady pace.

You’ll have the versatility of the remote-controlled, directional chute throwing the snow and ice exactly where you want it to land without creating another mess to clean up. The adjustable shoes will keep your driveways and sidewalks safe. And the user-friendly control panel makes operating it a breeze.

Add to that the value of the warranty, a sensible medium level price, and the fact that the PR241 is made by Poulan, and you’ve got yourself a winner. In fact, this very model ranks #4 on our always-up-to-date best snow blower list.

But check it out for yourself. Click on the link and take a closer look at all of the great things that this snow thrower can do for you. And read some of the reviews from all of the people who already use it.

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Poulan Pro PR241

Poulan PRO PR241
Two Stage Snow Blower

  • 24” Width, 23” Height
  • Electric & Pull Start
  • 208cc Engine, Power Steering
  • 180° Remote Chute Control