Snow Joe ION8024-XRP Review 2023

Are you tired of battling Mother Nature every year, trying to keep up with clearing away of all of the snow and ice on your sidewalks and driveways? With a good snow blower, you might even actually look forward to the task.

The Snow Joe ION8024-XRP is the highest rated 2-stage model on our electric snow blower top list and brings a lot of convenience with it. Cordless, quiet, and low maintenance are what make electric snow blowers so great. Not only is it more convenient than a gas-powered model, but you’re also helping out the environment by saving on harmful emissions.

The Snow Joe iON8024-XR is our #1 among all of the electric two-stage snow blowers available today. It runs quietly compared to gas-powered models, is easy to use even by elders, cordless, and has low maintenance. We love it!

Rating Overview

Features - 95%
Design - 95%
Maneuverability - 100%
Warranty & Support - 95%
Customer Ratings - 90%



The Snow Joe iON8024-XR is our #1 among all of the electric two-stage snow blowers available today. It runs quietly compared to gas-powered models, is easy to use even by elders, cordless, and has low maintenance. We love it!

Snow Joe has been paving the way with innovative, battery-operated power tools and other outdoor equipment for over 15 years. They were even the first to introduce a cordless, snow blower with energy-efficient capabilities. Take a look at how they’ve applied their latest advancements to the ION8024-XRP.


Snow Joe is now recognized as a leader in the industry for producing high-quality, cordless power tools and outdoor equipment using the latest innovations and the most durable materials. With the ION8024-XRP, they’ve utilized the performance power of their EcoSharp technology combined with a steel and highly durable polymer construction to create an evolutionary snow blower that practically does all of the work for you. And it’s built to last.


Snow blowers have engines that are either one or two-stage. A single-stage engine is fine for smaller, occasional cleanups. But a two-stage engine will first rip through the snow and ice and then grind it past an impeller, expelling it through the exit chute. It takes the strength and performance capabilities of a two-stage engine to tackle the bigger jobs.

Not only is the ION8024-XRP equipped with a powerful two-stage engine, but it’s also the only two-stage cordless snow blower available on the market today. It’s powered by a 2500-watt, brush-less motor that generates 3.4 horsepower. That’s enough blowing strength to move 1000 pounds of snow per minute, quickly digging you out of some of the deepest snowfalls.

If you’re looking at comparable, gas-powered snow blowers, you’ll notice that their engines can produce more horsepower, leading you to believe that they are more powerful. The beauty of electric motors is that they can deliver the torque that’s needed at lower speeds with less horsepower, using less energy to create the same force as a higher horsepower engine. In other words, a gas-powered engine would need about 6 horsepower to produce the same torque as this model’s electric motor.

The engine get its power from two 40-volt, 5Ah, rechargeable, lithium-ion, EcoSharp batteries that will provide up to 30 minutes of continuous running time. You also have the option of upgrading the batteries to 6Ah, providing even more operating time.


The 4-speed digital-drive transmission is equipped with three different forward speeds, one reverse-drive function, and even has an XPORT setting. All you have to do to operate the snow blower is set the speed and guide it with the control trigger.

Speeds are a great feature to have on any model. The lower speeds are designed to slow the machine down and really dig in for those heavier, more densely packed snowfalls. And the higher, faster speeds are ideal for quick cleanups and light, fluffy snow.

The reverse speed comes in handy for maneuvering the snow blower out of tight spots and clearing those hard-to-reach areas. And the XSPORT function’s idle-gear will drive it back inside when you’ve finished digging yourself out.

Clearing Capabilities

You’ll see snow blowers with different clearing widths. The wider the width of the auger housing is, the fewer passes it will take to clear the snow. The ION8024-XRP will cut an impressive, 24-inch wide path through the snow, and the intake chute has a height of 13-inches, enabling it to eat its way through drifts over a foot tall.

The serrated steel auger is also a big win. Not only is the steel stronger than other materials used for augers, but it’s also more resistant to corrosion, rust, and excessive wear. Steel will also break up thick ice and packed snow better, decreasing the chances of clogs in the heavy-duty impeller and discharge chute.

You can also adjust the chute deflector a full 180 degrees, aiming the snow where it needs to go, throwing it as far as 32 feet. Being able to adjust the direction of the discharged snow helps a lot when you’re working in tight areas or are concerned about where the snow will land. And you can adjust the direction while the snow blower is moving, unlike other models where you have to stop and disengage everything.

One-Touch Start

That’s right. You won’t have to worry about tugging on pull cords to get this snow thrower started or replacing them when they wear out. It starts with the turn of a key and the simple touch of a button. The key is also removable for security.


With the Snow Joe ION8024-XRP, you get the convenience of having two, 3-watt, LED headlights to guide the way on those nighttime and early morning cleanups. Having lights not only makes it easier to navigate a snow thrower in the dark, but it’s also much safer for both you and the machine if you’re not working blindly.

Control Panel

This walk-behind, cordless, electric snow blower boasts a fully-equipped, integrated control panel, designed for functionality and ease-of-use. From the master control’s illuminated, push-button, digital display, you can access the electric-start button, operate the headlights, and adjust the speed. You also have two indicators showing the individual battery power levels as well as a kill-switch that will stop everything quickly if needed.

Both the control panel and the ergonomically-designed, handle-grips are adjustable for different heights, making it much easier on your back. And the chute direction control is conveniently located next to the drive trigger on the grip so it’s easy to change the direction of the expelled snow while the machine is moving.

Adjustable Skid Shoes

The skid shoes are located on the bottom of the machine. Their purpose is to create a gap between the bottom of the machine and the surface that you’re working on. The space makes it easier to navigate the snow blower and decreases wear-and-tear on both the bottom of the snow blower and your driveway and sidewalks.

Having adjustable skid shoes means that you can change that gap, depending on the type of surface that you are working on. It comes in especially handy if you are cleaning up rough surfaces like gravel or other uneven areas. And if you are dealing with both rough and smooth surfaces, you can easily adjust the shoes to safely clean each area.


Snow blowers can be very small and lightweight, weighing only a few pounds. But we’ve found that these types of blowers don’t have the power or the durability that’s needed to really be of any help with heavier, deeper snowfalls. A snow thrower needs a certain amount of bulk to tackle a substantial amount of snow.

The overall construction and the high-quality steel components give the ION8024-XRP the weight it needs to get the job done. Weighing just over 100 pounds, it’s light enough to easily maneuver and still has the girth it needs to push through all of that snow and ice.

It measures 25.7 inches wide by 47 inches deep by 40 inches tall, putting it in the mid-range size for snow blowers. It’s big enough to dig you out and still small enough to easily tuck in a corner for storage when it’s not in use.


Even though it’s lightweight, you won’t have to worry about getting stuck in the snow. This snow blower has the advantage of having 13-inch tires that are extra-wide with traction grip to both move the machine through the snow and keep you from sliding on the ice.


Manufacturers who believe in the quality and value of their products will offer lengthy warranties backing up the performance of their equipment. The Snow Joe ION8024-XRP is covered by a full 2-year warranty on parts and workmanship.

Price Point

Located at a medium-high price point, electric snow blowers usually come at a higher initial cost than comparable gas-powered models. However, they have qualities that gas-powered models can not keep up with.

With no gasoline to buy, oil to fill, or spark plugs to change, and fewer repairs due to few moving parts, keeping an electric snow blower running efficiently costs much less than it would for a gas-powered model. Among its electric brethren, you won’t find another machine that has the quality, capabilities, functionality, and overall performance that this machine has for the same money.


  • Two-stage engines are self-propelled. With the ION8024-XRP, you’re simply walking behind it controlling the speed and direction.
  • Assembly couldn’t be easier. It’s delivered with only a couple of parts that need to be attached. You won’t even need tools.
  • You can even buy it for less without the batteries if you have other iON cordless tools. The batteries are interchangeable.
  • It’s a lot quieter than gas-powered snow blowers.
  • The batteries and the charger are all included.
  • You can buy a custom-fit tarp to protect it during the off-season.
  • Everything that we can do to reduce the harmful emissions that are destroying our atmosphere is getting us closer to a healthier planet. Battery-powered snow blowers are just one more way that we can reduce our carbon footprints.


  • There’s not a locking function on the control lever, meaning you have to hold it in place to operate the snow blower. But keeping your hand on the trigger will give you quicker control when you need it.
  • For larger driveways or bigger snowfalls, you’d want extra batteries charged and ready.

Final Thoughts

If your winters bring you a few inches of snow at a time, or even an occasional foot or two, this model gets the job done without a fuss. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly solution to your snow blowing needs and want less maintenance and no noise, the ION8024-XRP is the right machine for you.

The powerful engine generates enough strength to move 1000 lbs of snow per minute, using the quality of the steel auger and its superior performance capabilities to blow through snow and ice up to a foot in depth. You also get the versatility of multiple speeds designed to tackle different types of snow.

You’ll get the job done in no time with the 24-inch clearance width that’s also 13 inches tall so it’ll break through those foot-high drifts. And you can even control the height and the distance of the snow that’s expelled, creating less of a mess.

It’s all controlled by a technologically advanced, illuminated, user-friendly control panel that adjusts and monitors the speed, battery usage, and headlights. Plus, you get the convenience of the electric-start, adjustable skid shoes, and the performance of the wide, non-skid tires.

If the Snow Joe ION8024-XRP sounds like it might be able to take care of your winter weather, take a better look. Click on the link and check out the reviews from everyone that’s already purchased it. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.

Snow Joe ION8024-XRP

Snow Joe ION8024-XRP
Electric Two-Stage Snow Blower

  • 24” Width, 13” Height
  • Cordless, 2 x 6 Ah Batteries
  • 4 Speeds, Self-Propelled
  • 180° Remote Chute Control
  • 32 Feet Throw Distance