Toro Snowmaster 724 QXE Review 2023

In our town, there is snow on the ground about nine months of the year, and you best believe snow plowing is a chore that everyone deals with every day. This is the environment where we tested the Toro Snowmaster 724 QXE. It’s not only time consuming but bad for your back to do it the old fashioned way, so snow blowers and electric snow shovels are rather popular here.

Given its high price point, we expected this machine to perform very well and easily plow through even the deepest snowdrifts without bogging down. The Snowmaster has the power and features do succeed, so how did it fare? Let’s find out.

The biggest single-stage snow blower available comes at a high price point but wins us over with its power and maneuverability. We only miss headlights and a manual starter.

Rating Overview

Features - 85%
Design - 90%
Maneuverability - 95%
Warranty & Support - 90%
Customer Ratings - 85%



The biggest single-stage snow blower available comes at a high price point but wins us over with its power and maneuverability. We only miss headlights and a manual starter.

724 QXE AugerSteering

If you have ever had to manually shovel your driveway, you know that you typically don’t want to have to spend more time out in the cold then you have to. The Snowmaster has Toro’s Personal Pace system that self propels the blower. This means you get the job done quicker and without wearing yourself out. This system also features an intuitive steering system so the Snowmaster is even easier to handle.


The Quick Stick Chute system is great for controlling where you are throwing the snow. I do find that if there are especially high winds, the Toro doesn’t fling the snow with enough power to overcome the wind. This is common among snow blowers. In these situations, all you have to do is change the angle of the chute to match the wind. This may send snow to the neighbor’s lawn, but at least it is not in my driveway anymore.

The Snowmaster does have a 40-foot throw distance, which is more than enough for people who don’t live in a climate as extreme as we get. In most situations this throw distance allows us to make sure you are not stacking a whole winter’s worth of snow on the edges of your driveway. That is a common problem for people who manually shovel their driveway.

Clearing Size

I find the intake height of 18-inches to be more than adequate for most situations, but every once in a while you might get a nasty storm that brings in more snow than the Snowmaster can handle on one pass. In these situations, you just have to take your time and slowly work to pack down the snow as you go. In our test, the machine handled up to 21 inches of snow.

We like how few passes we need to make thanks to the 24-inch clearance width. Single-stage models don’t usually have such a massive size. This means less time working up a sweat on a cold day. If you have ever done that you know how uncomfortable your sweat can be when your body starts to cool off. It feels like your body is generating little crystal of ice and you suddenly notice every single breeze that makes it through your layers.

724 QXE Snow ThrowerReliability

Growing up, we had an old Toro snow blower as well, and the biggest thing for me is the reliability I have come to know from the Toro brand in general. They have proven to me why they are such a successful brand when it comes to their equipment. You almost feel like you are using something meant for a professional. If I were more ambitious I could start snowplowing my neighborhood with the 724 QXE.

When you operate the Snowmaster the first time, it may feel a bit heavier than you would expect it to be. The Snowmaster feels solid and well built. While we don’t recommend it, I bet we could leave it outside all winter and it wouldn’t have any issues. It feels like a well-machined piece of equipment, and when you are using it, it always performs how you think it will. This and its large width make the high price point acceptable.

No Headlights

If we had to add one thing to the Snowmaster it would be a headlight. Up north, the sun can start setting as early as three thirty during the winter, and if you don’t have a well-lit driveway this can be a bigger issue.


The Snowmaster moves like a truck. It has meaty 11-inch tires that plow through just about anything you steer them towards. If the tires didn’t have this level of traction, you would have to lift up on the snow blower. We never had to use that maneuver with the 724 QXE.

The self-propulsion system appears to have a lot more torque than other self-propulsion systems we have used in the past. The Snowmaster is pretty convenient as well. It has a 2.3-quart capacity, which is more than enough to get entire driveways done


It also has an electric start system. This means you don’t have to throw out your back or slip on some ice when you try and start it manually. Still, a manual starter should be available since electric starters can sometimes fail when temperatures get too low. The last thing you want to do before you plow your driveway is throw out your back, trust me on this one.


  • Easy chute control System
  • Large 24″ width
  • Self-propel system
  • Powerful 212cc engine
  • 11″ deep lug tires


  • Not ideal for rougher terrain
  • No Electric Start
  • No Headlights as Standard

Final Thoughts

All in all, we are pleased the Snowmaster turned out to be such a reliable machine. This model never skips a beat and always starts up on the first attempt. If you live out in the country with 3-foot snowdrifts, you may want a bigger two-staged model, though. For everyone else, the Snowmaster is a very good but pricey option.

You should get a long life out of this well-built piece of equipment. If you have never used a self-propulsion system, you are going to love it. The clearing width and propulsion can to save you a great deal of time over pushing a shovel. The 724 QXE feels solid and handles well with the personal pace system and its thick tires.

The only thing to consider is whether you want to go with a single-stage model at this price point or rather go with a full two-stage model at a lower price. Check out our top 5 list of all-time best snow throwers for an overview. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.

Toro SnowMaster 724 QXE Review

Toro Snowmaster 724 QXE
Single-Stage Snow Blower

  • 24′ width, 18” depth
  • 212cc 4-cycle engine
  • 40 feet throwing distance
  • Chute control system